Blending your greys and embracing your new colour

Grey hair colour has been embraced by fashion over the last few years, with many people choosing to dye their hair fully grey. If you have been going grey for a while you might be wondering how to go about embracing your greys. Here are some steps to help you through the transition. 

Get some grey highlights

If you have been dying your hair for a while, and don't feel up to making the big crop to start afresh with the new colour, one of the easiest ways to go grey is to start getting highlights added. This is an easy and relatively subtle way to make your entire length of hair grey. You can add additional highlights with each visit until the length of your hair matches the colour profile of your natural hair colour. 

Of course if you are feeling brave this might be fun time to have a dramatic change, and chop your hair to a shorter length. A silver pixie cut could be a elegant change!

Book in regular hairdressing visits

While you might not dye your hair anymore once you've got it back to a suitable shade, you'll want to book in for regular toner applications with a hair colouring specialist. Toners help to keeps greys looking cool and bright, as without treatment greys can often become dull and often make your face seem dull. Equally, as the texture of natural greys can often be more unruly than your initial hair colour, getting extra conditioning treatments can help to keep your hair looking shiny and attractive. 

Switch up your hair products

While you are at the hairdressers it's worth asking for some updates on your hair products. It can often be useful to start using a violet 'toning' shampoo and conditioner, and many grey hair having fashionistas swear by using extra oils and serums to keep the hair looking shiny and protected during day to day styling. Your hairdresser can review your exact hair texture and condition and recommend you products that will suit your hair and help your hair to look as good as possible. 

There has never been a better time to go back to your natural grey hair colour. If you are contemplating making the switch back your natural hair colour your should meet with a hair colourist at a place like Skye Norman Hair and Beauty Company who can give you some advice on the next way to make the transition and look great afterwards.